4x4 RZR Tours

Get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of riding through the Sierras with the comfort of following a tour guide. Learn the history of our mountains and stop at the most amazing scenery our mountains have to offer.

Age Requirement

To drive a RZR you must be 18+ years old with a valid driver’s license. Passengers must no longer need a carseat.

Tour Arrival Time

All Tours are guided trips. You will be required to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time.

Renter Liability

You are responsible for any and all damages resulting from your responsibility as driver of the vehicle.

RZR adventures

2021 Packages


142 reviews

$399 per RZR

Get behind the wheel and ride through the forest on your own 4-wheeler following our tour guide! On this private tour with your group drive through the vast terrain in the Sierra’s. Rocky slow riding trails and wide open paths to pick up the pace. Your first stop on this tour is the granite plain, a large granite surface that the locals call moonrock (it looks like you are standing on the moon!). Next head up to Bass Lake Vista for an epic view of our local sporting lake. Drive through the creek and down a narrow more challenging trail (no worries our guide is here to help you!).


94 reviews

$549 per RZR

Grove currently has rough hiking conditions do to windstorm as of April 30th. You can still hike to the trees but there are down trees on the walking paths you have to climb over. Crawl over granite plains, through dense woodland areas, past rocky cuts and through creeks to get to our secluded Sequoia Grove in the Sierras. On the way stop at Bass Lake vista for an epic view. When you arrive to the Grove park and get out to see old cabins from mining in the early 1900’s and massive Sequoia stumps. This grove has unique history as it was partially logged before the trees were protected. Get out to hike an easy 1 mile round trip hike to see one of the largest Sequoia Trees on earth!


49 reviews

$799 per RZR

Want more? Take our Giant Sequoia Tour to new heights! This tour is an extended version of the Sequoia Tour. We add-on an additional hour of off-roading fun to get to Fresno Dome trailhead to hike to the top of this amazing”mini half-dome” for the best view in the Sierra’s. We also have some  time to stop for lunch.


49 reviews

$799 per RZR

Head to the beautiful Iron Lakes, an alpine lake secluded in the Sierra National Forest at 8,000+ ft elevation. This ride is challenging for the last few miles, but your tour guide is there to guide you along the way. It takes 1.5 hours to ride to the lake overlook where we get out and hike a decline .10 miles down to the lake. Spend 2 hours at the lake swimming, eat lunch, or add on inflatable rafts to float at the lake. Then it’s back to the rigs to ride back to base.